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Thank you for your interest in Strange Weather!!

We welcome new members for all voice types and we encourage everyone to come along to check us out. 

You can visit three rehearsals free. Entry to the choir is based on an easy low-key audition and commitment to attend rehearsals and perform in several concerts a year. Please be aware that there are fees associated with our choir.

If you have any questions about Strange Weather or want to visit a rehearsal, get in touch with us through the Membership Coordinator, Alison, or complete an expression of interest online form.

What to expect when visiting Strange Weather Choir?

Rehearsal 1 
You meet Alison, the Membership Coordinator, who introduces you to your section leader (each part has a section leader to look after you) and to our Musical Director, Dan.

If you are still interested in joining Strange Weather after the rehearsal, Alison emails you the details of the audition process, including the music score, words and music track for a very simple song to learn (you don’t have to be able to read music and you don’t have to learn it off by heart). The audition is very easy and low-key, so don’t worry!

Rehearsal 2 
Dan checks whether you are happy with your voice part and with how you feel about the singing.

Rehearsal 3 or 4
You come in early (around 6.40pm) for the audition with Dan.


  1. Dan plays a few five-note scales on the piano and asks you to sing along with him so he can determine whether you are in the correct section. Even if you know your voice part or have sung in choirs before, it is still useful for Dan to hear your voice range.
  2. Dan sings some phrases, which you then sing back to him (similar to the warm ups in rehearsals). This tells him whether you can copy pitch and rhythm.
  3. Dan asks you to sing your part of the audition song you have learned. He will then ask you to sing it with him. This will tell Dan whether you are able to learn and practise songs at home.
  4. Dan asks you a few questions like: Do you have prior singing or music experience? What kind of music do you like to sing/play? What do you hope to get out of being in a choir?

We rehearse every Wednesday, from early February to early December each year, with a three-week break in July.

When: Wednesdays, 7pm - 9pm
Where: O'Connor Uniting Church Hall, corner of Brigalow St & Scrivener Street, O'Connor.
Cost: $115-$140 per quarter (and a refundable one-off $30 music fee for new members). For more information, visit Fees.

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