Trial and Full Membership Fees 2016

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Posted By: Len Ricardo
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Date Posted: Tue, 8 Dec 2015
Trial and Full Membership Fees 2016
Trial Members: $40
This allows you to try us out by attending any or all of our first three rehearsals plus the Kickstarter Weekend (Wednesdays 3/2, 10/2, 17/2, weekend 19/2-20/2). If you then join the choir, this amount will be taken off your membership fee for 2016.
2016 Adult *Concession
New Member $395 $335
Continuing Member $365 $305
*Concession = Centrelink Pension Card Holder or Full-Time Student
Why are there fees?
We are a non-profit community choir and our fees go directly into paying ongoing costs like sheet music, venues, our musical directors and uniforms. Profits from our performances also contribute to these costs or are donated to charity.
When do I have to pay?
The Trial Members fee can be payed at your first visit. Membership fees will be due by Week 5, Wednesday 2nd March. If you have any concerns about paying upfront or need to negotiate a payment plan, please just contact our friendly Treasurer John Dyer: