Strange Weather Gospel Choir (SWGC) is a non-auditioned Canberra community choir consisting of 40 singers whose shared passion and love for music aims to inspire and move audiences. Our members are people from all walks of life; young adults to retirees and the full spectrum of religious belief to non-belief.  What unites our diverse members is not culture, gender, sexual orientation or faith but simply our love of singing together in a supportive environment.
In 2016 we will rehearse during ACT Public School Term dates on Wednesdays from 7-9pm at the Ainslie Arts Centre, starting on 3rd February. We will also host two Kickstarter Workshops and the ACT Gospel Singing Day where everyone is welcome. In addition to leadership by our vibrant Music Team, our 2016 Program will be enhanced by specialist vocal coaching from highly-acclaimed experts Alan Hicks and Christina Wilson.
Everyone is welcome; please join us from 6.30pm on Wednesday 3rd February at the Ainslie Arts Centre for cups of tea before rehearsal!”
Would you like sing with us in 2016?